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  • Vanessa DeGrave


    My passion is to help others by giving them tools to live their best life. I believe we grow up learning from our caregivers, as well as the environment in which we live. Traumas, abuse, neglect, and natural disasters factor in to how we deal with everyday life. My philosophy is that “Every person matters; You Matter.” I want to help you reach your goals. We will do that by setting obtainable goals and working towards them at a pace that doesn’t feel overwhelming but does challenge you to grow. We will facilitate your growth by teaching new skills, empowering forward progress, and encouraging you every step of the way.

    We all have a past, struggles, and strengths. Together, we will help you shine and live a happy life with healthy relationships. I enjoy utilizing emotional focused therapy and approaches that cater to your individual needs. I incorporate different modalities to assist with your goals for treatment. I hope to continue to increase access to mental health care in the community and awareness around the importance of self-care. I am happy that you are giving yourself the best self-care and reaching out for help.

    Outside of the office, I am also a volunteer for the trauma team for first responders in Rowan County, as well as a volunteer firefighter. I love being outdoors, hiking, the ocean, nature walks, and camping with my family.