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  • Kimberly Orellana


    I am here to help support you through life’s challenges, some we may all face. I want you to be free of emotional turmoil and find purpose in your family, friendships, work and all other areas of life. I am a counselor committed to helping you learn how to build healthier relationships with yourself and others. I believe in taking a collaborative approach to helping clients reach their goals. My theoretical orientation at this time comes from a psychodynamic approach. This means I believe that current behavior or cognitive issues derive from your human experiences. I believe in treating the root cause as well as the current symptoms you may be experiencing.

    I am passionate about gaining new experiences as a counselor with each client interaction. A session with me may involve processing different thoughts and experiences and I hope to create a safe environment for all to do so freely. I am honored to meet you where you are and join you on your healing journey.

    It is important to maintain a healthy work life balance and in my free time I enjoy spending time with family and friends, listening to live music, traveling, reading popular romance or thriller novels and spending time by the beach looking for shark teeth.