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  • Kelly Hoskins


    While tempted to think life would be perfect if only there was a manual for living, we really would miss out on the art of our inner story and world. The art of life shown in everyone’s own creative way makes our role here so important but with this story comes challenges which create emotions; emotions that can hurt yet make us feel alive.

    My playroom is a place where a child 3+ can determine the best person they were created to be. Depending on the age of the child and yes, I do see adults/families too, as our inner child is still in us, but may be lost in our unexplored story, yet our age can impact how we journey through your story and what modality it needs to express itself.

    For younger children, I focus on child-centered play therapy. The child needs a trusted, nonjudgmental person to go on the journey of their story through play to feel connected to their inner world and be allowed to explore and develop themselves. During this journey I am with them, satisfying their inherent yearning to be seen, heard, and understood on an intimidating journey as alone they are too afraid to go deep. As the child ages, I maintain a person-centered approach. Therefore, the therapy modality is individualized to meeting them on all levels mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally. Other modalities used to tell their story may include directed play, expressive arts, strengths based, or cognitive behavioral therapy. In addition, I have a partner, Remi, who is a trained therapy dog for those who would like. Canine therapy is used for anxiety, trauma, life transitions, bringing play to life, and much more. A child’s journey is not in isolation, so child therapy incorporates the family. My goal is to journey with your child and assist your family with the tools to create the family story allowing for each character to develop their own story, yet they all come together as a unit.

    I am a licensed social worker with experience including trauma, foster care, divorce, anxiety, depression, adjustment issues, grief, family-dynamics, adoption, ADHD, and attachment wounds. However, every story is individual. If your child, you or your family is looking for unconditional acceptance and support to take the emotional journey of life please reach out, I am up for the adventure.