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  • Dr. Randi Reichel

    DMFT / LMFT / M.Ed

    I love to work with individuals, couples, and families of all ages. My previous career as a teacher provides me with great understanding of stages of development and how to connect with children and teenagers. I can help your child and you to better understand behavioral changes, self-esteem, difficulty communicating, depression, anxiety, and stress. I have a nonjudgmental way of exploring what children and adolescents are experiencing by using their individual interests, perspectives, and solution-focused goals so that their time in therapy feels natural.

    I specialize with couples who feel stuck and want to communicate more effectively while exploring various aspects of their relationship. If you feel like you and your partner are in an unstoppable cycle, I’m here to explore attachment styles, emotions, and positive ways of communicating so that ineffective patterns in your relationship are interrupted and replaced. In addition, many couples want to spice up their sex lives. Sexual issues and lack of sexual communication are common amongst couples and often are not openly discussed. I provide a comfortable and safe environment where no sexual topic is off limits. My goal is to improve sexual communication so that you feel closer to your partner and satisfied in your relationship.

    Whether you are attending individual, couple, or family therapy, I want you to feel heard and know that your experiences are valid.

    I am a doctor of marriage and family therapy and a licensed marriage and family therapist. I am from NY and a newer resident of Charlotte. I earned my undergraduate degree in psychology and my graduate degree in English adolescent education at the University at Buffalo and my doctorate at Nova Southeastern University. I love spending time with family, friends, and my dog while exploring new places and continuously learning.