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  • Crystal Hulett

    MA / LMFT

    You are feeling that you’ve tried everything you can think of to feel peace in your life again. You aren’t even sure how you’ve gotten here, but you know you are here, looking for help outside of yourself to figure this out. You are frustrated, confused, overwhelmed, and exhausted. I am here to help you not only work on the issues at hand, but help you to uncover the core reason why you are no longer feeling like yourself.

    Maybe you are working through communication issues with your partner. Maybe your world has been rocked by an affair or other betrayal, and you aren’t even sure if you want to continue your relationship. Maybe you just don’t know where to begin and need someone to help guide you in the best direction. I am here, I get it, and I am passionate about helping with any and all issues that arise in the lives of my clients.​

    I am down to earth, straight-forward, and am not afraid to ask you difficult questions. I offer a warm environment where you can be vulnerable and real without the fear of being judged. When working with couples, I help clients work toward what they want and need in the partnership, and begin to feel what they used to. I also help people not currently in relationships identify unhealthy patterns of thinking and behaving, leading to a variety of problems they can’t seem to shake.​

    I work with couples and individuals to explore a number of issues that are causing things to just not work for them any longer. I offer distance counseling when needed, because your busy schedule shouldn’t prevent you from getting the help you need to feel satisfied and happy again.

    Outside of my work, I live for spending time with my husband and two daughters, being an animal advocate, and honing my skills as a leader in the mental health field and our community.