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  • Christa Medley


    I specialize in children’s mental health concerns and am dedicated to supporting young individuals in navigating their emotional well-being. My ideal client is someone who seeks guidance and support in overcoming challenges like depression, anxiety, bullying, and anger. By actively listening and building a trusting relationship, I strive to understand their individual struggles, triggers, and goals.

    My ultimate aim is to empower children, helping them develop resilience and self-awareness to confidently face life’s challenges. I provide mental health services tailored to address various concerns, focusing on building rapport and implementing evidence-based interventions. Creating a safe and trusting environment where children can freely express themselves is at the core of my approach.

    In today’s complex world, children face unique challenges that require our attention. I recognize the significance of providing a compassionate space where they can feel heard and supported. If your child is dealing with anxiety, depression, bullying, or anger issues, I am here to help. Take the brave step today and reach out to me for the support your child deserves.