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  • Allyssa Towery


    The most influential piece of healing is connection and sometimes you don’t need a cure, you need a witness. A witness who validates your current and past struggles while helping you grow through the discomfort. A witness that does not try to “fix you” but gives you the tools to grow. A connection with a therapist could be the missing piece of your healing journey. I have experience working with a variety of people from those who have survived trauma to those who need support with daily life stressors.

    My past experiences have built me into an empathetic clinician who knows how to guide sessions based on individual needs. I can help make therapy as comfortable as possible and I invite you to reach out and see if we are a good fit!

    Your story is unique. Your story and experiences matter as well as deserve to be heard. We cannot shame ourselves into change, we can only love ourselves into evolution.