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  • Ada Savage

    MA / LCMHC

    Have you experienced something difficult or painful that has changed how you view yourself or those around you? Do the day-to-day pressures feel too much to bear? Is it difficult to feel joy or peace as you move through your day? Do you feel shame because you think you should be able to cope better? Life is hard. We all experience dark days or months or even years. Imagine feeling joy, peace, and a sense of purpose again. It can be scary, but people do find their inner strength and resilience. You can create a life of purpose.

    I believe that we are meant to weather storms together. I provide a safe, open-minded, and non-judgmental space for you to express your thoughts and feelings. I work with you to discover how your life can be different and then I help you to step into that life. Going to therapy for the first time can feel intimidating, but know that I will meet you with care, kindness and without judgement.

    I have helped children, adults and parents who have experienced trauma, anxiety, depression, loss, and other disruptive experiences. It is an honor to witness client’s growth in session by increasing their awareness and insight into their unique strengths, inner power and energy. It is powerful to see clients have meaningful breakthroughs that allow them to make changes in how they move through the world.