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  • Shelby Prevatt


    I know this world can often feel overwhelming, daunting, and isolating. I’m so thrilled that you’re taking the step to reach out and connect with someone who is familiar with helping people navigate the challenges you’re experiencing in life. Whether you are frustrated, confused, sad, and/or exhausted, I’m here to help you not only work on the issues at hand, but help you to uncover the core reason why you are no longer feeling like yourself. I see you, I hear you, and I’m here to help you because I am passionate about helping with any and all issues that arise in the lives of my clients.

    I work with teens and adults struggling with eating disorders. I also work with those suffering from symptoms of depression, anxiety, grief, loss, and trauma. Further, I am also an affirming clinician for the LGBTQ+ community. I use a variety of therapy techniques tailored to what works best for the individual to help them identify what is no longer working.

    I am a down to earth, supportive clinician who is not afraid to ask you those difficult questions in a warm environment where you can feel comfortable being vulnerable and real without the fear of being judged. I help clients to see the strengths they already possess and to build on those unique qualities in a way that will improve their lives.