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  • Shayla Andreev

    MA / LCMHC / NCC

    You have noticed difficulties arise for your child. They may struggle to embrace themselves, show hesitancy in engaging with others, or feel discouraged in their attempts to accomplish tasks. Perhaps they carry worries with them. They may feel as though they are disconnected, unheard, unseen, and misunderstood. I strive to connect with, hear, see, and understand your child. I honor each of my clients’ unique stories and empower them to take ownership and agency in the telling and shaping of their stories.

    I value my clients’ perspectives on their areas for growth. My work includes a collaborative exploration of unhelpful thought patterns, as well as the identification of alternatives to these patterns. I assist clients in identifying avenues for communication, self-esteem building, and exploration and awareness of self.

    My work is driven by compassion, connection, and trust. I take creative approaches with my clients and am eager to learn about their passions and to connect with them in a way that is meaningful and uplifting for them. I strive to provide engaging therapy that incorporates my clients’ preferences, reinforcing that they are the expert of their story.