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  • Kaye Richard

    MA / LCMHC / NCC / PMH-C

    I work with parents (often of young kiddos) who are navigating loss of identity, stress about their kids’ wellbeing, lack of connection to their partners, and feeling like they are failing. I also specialize in helping pregnant and birthing persons, and their partners, as they navigate fertility struggles, miscarriage, abortion, pregnancy, labor and delivery, and the postpartum experience. These seasons are full of “both/and” experiences. Elation, anxiety, contentment, trauma… my goal is to give you space to feel it all and learn how to cope with it all. I support your choice to do what’s best for your body and your family.

    I also love working with college students. College means huge changes, untangling past trauma, coping with new trauma, struggling with body image, feeling unsupported… it’s a stressful (albeit exciting) time! I consider myself an ally to those whose identities are so often used against them and am committed to my own growth as a privileged person.

    You might not feel as strong as you’d like; that’s okay. You might not know how counseling can help you; that’s okay, too. You don’t have to know exactly what you want to talk about, we’ll figure that out together. And remember, you deserve to talk about it even if it’s “not that bad.” You deserve just as much support as you’d want for your best friend.

    My own self-care evolves as my life evolves. These days, I am happiest when I’m hanging out with my partner, kiddo, and cats. My self-care plan includes taking walks, listening to true crime podcasts, reading, watching Tik Toks, trying to keep my plants alive, and seeing my own wonderful counselor.