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  • Jessica Wing

    In general, our journey through life can feel like a rollercoaster. Sometimes it is wonderful or joyous, and other times it is challenging or terrifying. When we are in the depth of despair, depression, confusion, or anger, it can be blinding to the opportunities around us. I am here to help walk with you through the darkness to find the light of what makes you feel complete and engaged with life again.

    I primarily work with teenagers, older children, families, and young adults. I feel that adolescents have their entire future in front of them, and it is the most opportune time to learn positive thinking patterns, coping skills, and life strategies. To achieve this, I incorporate cognitive-behavioral therapy, mindfulness, and internal family systems therapy methods. I adapt my approach to what each individual client needs. Ultimately, I am here with you. I hear you, without judgement. We can figure this out together.

    In my own time, I enjoy hanging out with my dogs and cat, reading, doing yoga, hiking, or searching for four-leaf clovers (I have quite a collection!).