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  • Hannah Case

    MA / LMFT

    A wonderful person once said to me, “we are on this journey together. So I will believe in you and have hope for you on the days you cannot have it for yourself.” I have carried these words with me into my therapeutic ideals. These words speak to my beliefs about what therapy should be; a journey I take, as a guardian, with my clients, as unique individuals.

    There are so many reasons to begin your journey. So many reasons to heal. And each of those reasons, no matter what they are, no matter if you aren’t even really aware of what they are yet, are valid. Sometimes life experiences may cast doubt into our minds, and we need help to find the truth. The firm belief I hold about all of my clients is that they are valuable and worthy of compassion, patience, and understanding. So no matter your reason for beginning your journey, I will work with you and be a guardian of that journey as long as we work together. I look forward to working with you and I thank YOU for being you.

    When I am not working with my wonderful clients, I serve as the Regional Director for the NCAMFT board to be a beacon of change and hope in the larger systems of mental health. I also enjoy reading, networking with other clinicians in this field, and continuing to research ways to better assist my clients.