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  • Gewyl Galberth


    Deciding to start therapy can be a hard decision; you have come so far already by viewing this page. It is a privilege and honor to serve those who are hurting. My goal is to join forces in tackling each issue that may be robbing you of your peace and joy. The world can feel tough enough as it is, which makes clients my heroes for opening up and choosing to do the hard things needed to grow.

    I’m a warm, uplifting personality who can ask thought-provoking and challenging questions. My approach to therapy is person-centered in that I believe each client is the expert in their story. Working in addiction and mental health counseling equips me with the ability to work with a wide range of ages, backgrounds, belief systems, and symptoms.

    I’d love to meet you where you are and walk through healing together by offering fresh perspectives, non-judgmental care, and clinical expertise. Please contact me with any questions and I look forward to us working together soon.