Jewel Chickering


Everyone deserves to live life being the best version of themselves – regardless of what has happened to them. Trauma can come in many shapes and forms, and how we function as a result can impact many areas of our lives. I believe with the right therapy and life changes, we can all control the way trauma impacts us and can emerge as the person we want to be, despite our past challenges. I have passion for helping people understand their trauma and use it to build upon who they are in a positive way.

Life changes also don’t always mean you are traumatized – you could just be struggling to find your way and your identity as you go along through various stages of life. I love to help people find their way and take charge of who they are in this world. I use a variety of therapy techniques to guide my clients to their best path and feel better about their journey. I am also trained in EMDR – an integrative type of psychotherapy that has shown to be very successful in helping to treat the symptoms associated with trauma.

My primary goal in therapy is to provide my clients with a comfortable environment that empowers and stimulates personal growth. I also enjoy working with people who want guidance about parenting of children of all ages. I want our relationship to remind you that you are not alone in whatever challenge you are facing – whether it’s based on your past or present.

When I am not working alongside my clients in therapy, I enjoy spending time with my husband and three adult children, being physically active, reading, and snuggling with my cats.

311 Williamson Road Suite 103
Mooresville, NC 28117
(704) 360-3049

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