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Crystal Hulett | Therapist | Thrive Counseling & Wellness | Mooresville, NCCrystal Hulett

Owner / MA / LMFT
Crystal specializes in couples therapy, sexual issues, personality and mood disorders, and recent or past trauma impacting well-being and overall functioning at any stage of life.

Jenny Massaway | Therapist | Thrive Counseling & Wellness | Mooresville, NCJenny Massaway

Jenny works with children of all ages, starting as young as age two. Jenny is passionate about partnering with children and their families to relieve them of symptoms from anxiety, depression, trauma, and developmental concerns.

Don Morrison | Therapist | Thrive Counseling & Wellness | Mooresville, NCDon Morrison

Don works with clients of all ages experiencing anxiety, depression, ADHD, PTSD, developmental concerns, and family conflict.

Courtney Hamilton | Therapist | Thrive Counseling & Wellness | Mooresville, NCCourtney Hamilton

Courtney works with adolescents ages 12 and up, teens, and adults struggling with mood disorders, trauma, life changes, and addictions. Courtney also works with families and couples experiencing difficulties.

Kristen Christensen | Therapist | Thrive Counseling & Wellness | Mooresville, NCKristen Christensen

Kristen loves to work with children ages five and up, teenagers, and their families. Kristen specializes in those impacted by current and past trauma, and uses multiple approaches to help individuals and families overcome the impact of stressful life events.

Julia Lites | Therapist | Thrive Counseling & Wellness | Mooresville, NCJulia Lites

Julia works with teens, adults, and aging adults facing difficult life transitions, trauma, aging issues, and chronic mental health concerns.

Amy Riecken | Therapist | Thrive Counseling & Wellness | Mooresville, NCAmy Riecken

Amy is passionate about using various treatments, including EMDR, to help children, teens, and adults experiencing resulting issues from trauma and life changes.

Kari Overcash | Therapist | Thrive Counseling & Wellness | Mooresville, NC

Kari Overcash

Kari works with individuals, couples, and families experiencing the impact of trauma, relationship issues, depression, anxiety, addictions, and mood disorders.

William Wilkinson | Therapist | Thrive Counseling & Wellness | Mooresville, NC

William Wilkinson

William works with teens and adults experiencing depression, anxiety, life transitions, and relationship issues. William has a passion for helping first responders, veterans, and their families.

Hunter Adams | Therapist | Thrive Counseling & Wellness | Mooresville, NC

Hunter Adams

Hunter works with children and families affected by special needs, chronic illness, relationship conflict, and life changes.

Anna Miller Soper

Anna works with adult individuals age 18+. I specialize in co-occurring disorders with mental health and substance abuse diagnoses.

Skylar Clark


I aim to provide a safe, nonjudgemental, and supportive space where we can collaborate openly and honestly in an effort to help you reach your goals. Every client is different; therefore, my approach varies from client to client.


Lauren Kiser


I work with those 18+ on a variety of issues, including depression, anxiety, grief, relationship issues, and more. I use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and the Person-Centered beliefs of understanding, authenticity, and positive regard. I aim to use a variety of techniques that work best for you.

Betty (Anna's Co-Therapist)


Betty is a year old, hypoallergenic, full blooded standard poodle. She has been working since she was 8 weeks old at a crisis recovery center where the clients truly enjoyed her presence.

Administrative Staff

Terry Amos | Therapist | Thrive Counseling & Wellness | Mooresville, NC

Terry Amos

Financial and Billing Director
As the financial and billing director, Terry works hard to ensure insurance claims, billing issues, and all things financial are in order for clients of Thrive Counseling and Wellness.  With Terry’s expertise in finance and passion for making the insurance end of therapy a smooth and stress-free experience, Thrive’s clients can focus on getting the therapeutic help they need and living their best lives.

Jennifer Sharpe

Administrative Assistant
Jennnifer is a North Carolina Certified Peer Support Specialist. NC Certified Peer Support Specialists are able to use their life experiences to support and supply resources to people who are recovering from or living with a substance use or mental health diagnosis. This skill set will be vital in her role as administrative assistant. Jennifer naturally exudes wamth and calmness and always has a smile on her face. Jennifer enjoys assisting clients with any administrative needs and creating an inviting environment for them to enjoy while working with Thrive Counseling and Wellness.

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